About Us
DevSquare is a company focused on providing certifications that can be taken in a secure, verifiable manner from any location at any time using our secure remote proctoring technology.

For 5 years, DevSquare has been helping companies such as Sun Microsystems, Oracle, NVIDIA, NIIT, etc. build hands-on performance certifications and has helped them set up necessary testing solutions. DevSquare has on board, experts from the industry who help with designing and developing the certifications.

Our aim is to provide certifications in IT, Finance, Healthcare, etc. We are continuously adding more certifications and aim to cover all possible professional skills over time.

DevSquare Certifications tests a candidate on his ability to perform the tasks rather than just his knowledge. It answers 2 different questions.
1. Does the certificate holder have the knowledge on the subject?
2. Does the certificate holder have the hands on skills to get the job done?

So when you see a DevSquare certificate holder, you can be rest assured he can walk the walk.

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