DevSquare Certifications Beta
DevSquare Certification - Steps:

Buying The Certification
  1. Select the desired certification program

  2. Register by providing the details. You are then redirected to the Paypal payment center

  3. Once the payment is done the login credentials are emailed to your Email ID

Test Taking
  1. Login using your login credentials

  2. Click on the test. It will prompt you to open the test in secure invigilation mode

  3. Make sure the webcam and microphone are connected and well positioned

  4. You will get a preview of what the proctor can see. Make sure you can see your monitor and your face on the screen

  5. Click on Get approval button and wait for approval/messages from the remote proctor
    1. The proctor can send messages asking the camera to be positioned correctly. Adjust camera accordingly
    2. The proctor can send messages asking for other visual confirmations. Respond accordingly
    3. Finally, the proctor approves or rejects the go ahead. Test will start on approval

  6. In case of any issues with camera, proctor can message you to take corrective action.

  7. The test software and steps to start the test software will differ for certifications. Relevant instructions will be provided on the certification page. Please follow the respective steps for a certification